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Blizzard Beach

After a freak of nature occurred a massive snow storm blew over Central Florida. Shortly after the Sunshine State worked it's magic and melted the snow, now the mountains at Blizzard Beach are running with water. Realizing the entertainment value of this melting mountain Walt Disney World has opened it to be public, allowing you to get in on the action! With snow around every corner and countless hours of slipping and sliding fun you can be splashing in the sun in no time! Water parks are the perfect solution to a hot Central Florida day, and now Blizzard Beach is ready to cool you off!

Blizzard beach is home to a massive wave pool, stretching to nearly 1-acre in size. Here you can swim in the waves or under waterfalls that constantly feed the pool these moderate sized waves. Now everyone knows that a water park isn't actually a water park without a sufficient amount of water slides, and Blizzard Beach has an abundance of water slides! Blizzard Beach has a wide variety of water slides, each with their own unique set of twists and turns. With rafts and toboggans you can be riding down these amazing water slides in style. One of Blizzard Beaches' popular attractions is the lazy river that encircles the park, moving at a slow pace this river carries you slowly around in a relaxing motion.

One of the reasons Blizzard Beach is often visited by Disney World Tourists is because of the Ski Patrol kids area. At a water park it can be slightly concerning where your kids go. Despite the fact that there are lots of lifeguards and constantly monitored waters you cant be everywhere at once. However Blizzard Beach has an entire section dedicated to just the young ones, with age appropriate areas and fun filled obstacles. With floating ice platforms and rope nets to help them walk across you're kids can go wild under the watchful eye of Disney World Life guards. With size appropriate slides and even a rope to slide down into water you can be enjoying every moment of your time relaxing while the kids enjoy the various entertainment.

Blizzard Beach is the perfect solution to any day in Central Florida. It is never to cold to go for a swim and always to hot not to! Blizzard Beach is a fun and affordable way to spend an entire day relaxing and soaking up the sun!

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